C# Delegate Example

C# Easy to understand delegate example.

In this tutorial we you will learn delegates using easy to follow step by step examples.

Example 1: NumberChanger Example using Delegates

This is a simple numberchanger example using C# delegates.

Step 1: Create the Delegate

Start by creating a delegate method like this using the delegate keyword:

delegate int NumberChanger(int n);

Step 2: Full Code

Now create a class to utilize that delegate. Here is the full code

using System;
delegate int NumberChanger(int n);

    class Delegate
    static int num = 10;
    public static  int sum(int num1)
        num = num + num1;
        return num;

    public static int mul(int num1)
        num = num * num1;
        return num;
        static void Main(string[] args)

        NumberChanger addition = new NumberChanger(sum);
        NumberChanger multiply = new NumberChanger(mul);



Run the project and you will get the following:


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